The Latest Old Spice Commercial Confirms That, Yes, Terry Crews Is The Greatest

Old Spice commercials tend to range from Funny Weird to “Mother of God, Why?” and I am pleased to report that their latest one — which features Terry Crews shaving a miniature version of himself off of his face — falls into the first category. I think. Either that or I’ve been so traumatized by the “Old Spice made a man of my son” campaign that literally anything else looks like the marketing equivalent of spun gold to me.

The commercial brings up another point as well, and I think it’s worth noting: Terry Crews really is the best. It’s a shame this isn’t, like, 1986, because if it were he’d probably be a huge movie star. All you needed back then to anchor a billion-dollar movie franchise were traps you could crack walnuts on. Your Schwarzeneggers, your Stallones, etc. Combine that — which he has, clearly — with the fact that Crews actually has comic timing and a sense of humor (Exhibit A), and he could have been an unstoppable box office juggernaut. He might have even gotten elected to public office at some point. God knows he’s qualified.

Source: Hypervocal