Ice-T Spoils The Ending Of Trump-Inspired ‘Law And Order: SVU’ Episode

An episode of NBC’s Law And Order: Special Victims Unit inspired by Donald Trump was supposed to air last October 12th, then it was pushed to October 26th, then November 16th, then shelved indefinitely. When will we get to see it? According to SVU co-star and masterful Presidential debate live-tweeter Ice-T, hopefully never, because — as he told Vanity Fair — “I don’t even think it’s worth showing. It wasn’t one of our best shows.”

The episode, titled “Unstoppable”, still hasn’t been put back on the schedule, perhaps because of its quality or perhaps because of Trump’s ongoing relationship with NBC as a producer of The Celebrity Apprentice. In the episode, Gary Cole plays a bloviating businessman whose Presidential campaign is marred by allegations of sexual assault (ripped from the headlines!).

Getty Image / NBC

It turns out they made the episode before new assault accusations were lodged against Trump. After those headlines, Ice-T says, “They were, like, ‘Oh, sh*t!’ And then they said, ‘Oh, my God, it’s going to look like…’ You know, because Law & Order wants to be close, but not too close.” He adds, “So I think they just got rid of it. I don’t know if they burned the sh*t or whatever. They paid me for it. I don’t give a f*ck, really. I got my money!”

In continuing proof that he really doesn’t “give a f*ck”, Ice-T went on to spoil the ending of the episode:

There was this guy who was running for president — he was very Trump-ish, and girls were coming out of the woodwork saying he was raping them. And me and Mariska, we’re on his bumper, and he’s sweating it. But at the end of the day, it comes out that he was innocent. He didn’t do it. So we’ve got to apologize, and he’s still doing his thing, talking his sh*t. And it turns out that his campaign advisor, who was his best friend, was booby-trapping him because he knew he would be terrible for America!”

And if that isn’t true-to-life enough for you, Ice-T teased that an upcoming episode will be based on Pizzagate, “except it’s with Chinese food.”

Hmm, Crab Rangoongate just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

(Via Vanity Fair, Vulture, and Reddit)