FINALLY: ‘Law and Order: SVU’ Will Take On The Duggars

Well, this was bound to happen sooner or later. The November 4 episode of NBC’s Law and Order: SVU will be inspired by the very headline-happy Duggar family from TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting. It’s not a surprise as much as it’s something the TV-viewing audience has been waiting for all summer long while chewing a hole through their collective lips in visceral anticipation.

The Duggar sex scandal blew up in May when accusations of sexual molestation against eldest son Josh Duggar were revealed. TLC canceled 19 Kids and Counting as the scandal continued to grow, eventually uncovering Duggars various indiscretions against not just his blood relatives but against his wife; he apparently had profiles on OK Cupid and Ashley Madison and was cheating on his wife with strippers and porn stars who were horrified of him.

The Law and Order: SVU episode, titled “Patrimonial Burden,” will not follow the Duggar story exactly, but according to E! News, it will borrow a few of the most recognizable details:

[The] squad investigates a famous reality TV family after it’s discovered the 13-year-old daughter is pregnant. Naturally, there’s a web of secrets at play in with this virtuous family.

There also won’t be 19 kids in the family, but there will be 10, which is like telling the Duggars that they’re even crazier than “Law and Order: SVU crazy.”

I cannot wait for Ice T’s incredulous disgust.

(via E! News)