Allow Lena Dunham To Regale You With This Tale Of Getting A UTI In Japan

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10.09.15 7 Comments

Lena Dunham and crew have just finished shooting season five of Girls, which will apparently be heading to Japan at some point in the upcoming season. Which characters are going and why is still unknown, and Dunham refused to spill the beans to Jimmy Kimmel Thursday night. What she was more than happy to open up about what the urinary tract infection she contracted while filming there. Dunham elaborates that she received “the best” medical treatment in Japan, for the sole reason that there was a compartment to put her pee sample in at the doctor’s office and that she didn’t have to “hand it off” to anyone.

My question is what kind of shady clinics does Dunham usually frequent that she has to touch her own pee cup? Don’t most doctors offices usually have some sort of area in the bathroom for your to leave your sample? Mine does, anyway. I mean, not that I need to give pee samples all the time or anything (I feel like I’ve already divulged too much of my personal life).

At any rate, if you ever find yourself in Japan and are experiencing painful or burning urination, I hear the medical care there is excellent.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)

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