Leslie Jones Absolutely Loses It While Watching The Latest Fiery ‘Game Of Thrones’ With Seth Meyers And Lord Varys

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08.10.17 17 Comments

WARNING: You’re going to see a lot of episode 4 from Game Of Thrones in the video above, so watch with care.

If you haven’t seen “The Spoils of War,” the fifth episode from Game Of Thrones seventh season, you need to go rectify that. Even if you hate the show, its final thirty minutes rivals anything you’ve seen in Lord Of The Rings. It was the type of moment that the show does well each season, crafting these tentpole scenes that would impress even the most lackadaisical viewer. The people who tune in just waiting for Ballers to come on.

Leslie Jones is one of the folks who missed the episode on Sunday, giving Seth Meyers a chance to have another viewing party with the SNL star and get her real time reactions that she’d normally send out via Twitter. The result is something that’s both highly entertaining and probably very annoying to someone attempting to watch with her. You’d feel like Ruby Rhod by the end of the episode.

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