Let's Guess The 27 People Who Will Die In 'The Walking Dead' Season Finale

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03.16.13 32 Comments

Face it: as much as you want to believe you’d be a Rick or a Daryl when (that’s right) the world turns into a zombie wasteland, like it has in The Walking Dead and your local Walmart, you wouldn’t. We write/read the Internet for a living — we’d be the idiot holding their phone in the air to get better service when a walker bites our face off. Then, as we were dying, we’d tweet, “Now I know how Nic Cage feels #lolz.” In other words, we’d be this Walking Dead actor, whose days seem numbered, now that he’s/she’s joined the cast of CBS’ Unforgettable. Spoilers, obviously.

Dallas Roberts has joined the cast of CBS’ Unforgettable, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

The actor, who currently recurs on Walking Dead [as Milton] as well as CBS’ The Good Wife, will join the revived Poppy Montgomery drama as Eliot, a detective in charge of the major cases section of the NYPD. He’s ambitious and politically connected and was brought in to turn things around for the unit and bring the attention back to the department. (Via)

According to Andrew Lincoln in Rolling Stone, “over 27 people” will die in the Walking Dead season finale, “Welcome to the Tombs,” which airs March 31st. I’m guessing Milton is one, but who else? A prediction.

1. Milton

2. Andrea

3. Andrea

4. Andrea

5. Andrea

6. Andrea

7. Andrea

8. Andrea

9. Andrea

10. Andrea

11. Andrea

12. Andrea

13. Andrea

14. Andrea

15. Andrea

16. Andrea

17. Andrea

18. Andrea

19. Andrea

20. Andrea

21. Andrea

22. Andrea

23. Andrea

24. Andrea

25. Andrea

26. Andrea

27. Andrea

What would we be without wishful thinking?


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