Let’s Look Back On The Time Mel Brooks Hosted Joan Rivers Talk Show In Drag

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Mel Brooks is on Conan tonight, clearly there to cause trouble for everyone on the network. That didn’t stop him from throwing a few touching moments into his visit. He spends most of this clip taking some time away from celebrating his own fantastic career to remember the late Joan Rivers in a very special way.

It would seem that Brooks guest hosted Rivers talk show in 1986 and wanted to make a memorable impact by dressing in drag. He went the full Divine too, with the wig, makeup, earrings, shoulder pads and everything. He didn’t any dog sh*t, but I’m keeping with the reference.

It’s a short clip, but proves that Rivers’ Late Show had a share of memorable moments within its one year on the air. Aside from this, Brooks talks a bit about his own mortality and throws a little love at Robin Williams. He even manages to make his own demise a funny moment, claiming that show-business will be finished when he dies before parlaying it all into a Hitler impression out of nowhere.

(Via Team Coco)

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