Let’s Watch The Worst Scene In ‘Dexter’ History Over And Over Again

While the rest of the world has been dissecting every angle, every frame, every Froot Loop from last Sunday’s episode of Breaking Bad, I’ve been watching and rewatching and re-rewatching something much more important: Dexter. Not the entire “Goodbye Miami” episode, mind you; I’d rather a wobbly Vogel jam a tea cup into my nostril. Rather, just one scene, the greatest/worst scene in Dexter‘s great/worst history.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Here’s what Dustin had to say:

Meanwhile, they should just rename the Emmy Awards to honor the kid who plays Harrison. The way that kid just kept repeating “Owww, Owww” for two minutes was AMAZING. TOUR DE FORCE.

In a show full of dumb people with dumb motivations who do the dumbest thing imaginable, who could’ve predicted that Hannah — who is a fugitive wanted for murder — could be SO dumb as to take Harrison to the hospital. Why? Were his injuries life threatening? Did he need emergency surgery? Would he have died if he weren’t taken to the hospital immediately? Did he even break his arm?

No. He cut his chin. Hannah put her and Dexter’s ass at risk because Harrison hurt his chin.



TIL: Harrison’s stunt double is 47 years old. Dexter long ago jumped the shark, so I’d like to nominate a new term for when a TV show plummets in quality to the kind of hilarious awfulness that’s plagued Showtime’s longest series for…when did Rita die? I’m calling it “Slipped on the Treadmill,” because ONE MORE TIME.