Travel Back In Time And Check Out Quentin Tarantino’s First Appearance On ‘The Tonight Show’

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Quentin Tarantino stopped by The Tonight Show to chat with good friend Jay Leno and look back at his first appearance as a “civilian guest” on the program right before the release of Reservoir Dogs.

The most remarkable thing about this clip is that Quentin is not the oddest looking person on the show that night, being edged out by MacGyver himself Richard Dean Anderson and Jazz guitarist Pat Metheny with his amazing hair.

The clothing, the hairstyles and the musical choices all make this clip the oddest thing I’ve seen today. It’s like a trip back to watch Krusty episodes from the 60s, expecting excitement and getting this weird opium den feeling.

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Here they both are in the present, where HD roams the land and heartfelt stories of thanks are shared on a Tuesday evening. Marvel at the tale of how Quentin Tarantino and comedian Margaret Smith shared a cosmic bond in those early days, going from show to show together. All I can think about is Quentin’s gigantic head, which is truly large according to one of my screenwriting teachers. Also Harvey Weinstein is a frightening man.


It is certainly interesting to see a pre-stardom, pre-cocaine Quentin Tarantino. Not saying he didn’t try it before that first Tonight appearance, but it is hard to afford that stuff on a video store salary and I’m not sure his coke wizard was in the picture at this point.

Via YouTube / Film Drunk

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