Lifetime Is Making An Unauthorized ‘Full House’ Tell-All To Further Stain Our Childhoods

Full House
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With the news of Full House being rebooted on Netflix this year as Fuller House, the understated biographers at Lifetime couldn’t help but swoop in and feed on this opportunity. With a working title of The Unauthorized Full House Story, the network will begin casting immediately, according to the Hollywood Reporter. After the success (we suppose?) of The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story, it was only natural that Lifetime would move on to other kid favorites from the 90s, tapping into those sweet nostalgia ratings.

The real question from all of this seems to be “What dark secrets will be revealed?” We can only hope for a poor man’s Alanis Morissette to show up backstage, argue with Dave Coulier, and angrily storm off vowing to write the greatest scorned woman anthem of the decade, despite his denials. Bob Saget will make off-color jokes on set and promise to be a gross out stand-up comic. John Stamos will romance every woman in sight. And we will finally discover that Comet was a vehement racist. Sounds like a fun movie already.

Source: THR