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RUSSIAN CAT CIRCUS! Technically, it’s called the Moscow Cat Theater, but “theater” implies that these cats are acting out some kind of story.  And while I would like to see cats dressed in Shakespearean garb acting out the Bard’s works, this is just trained cats doing lots of cool tricks.  Hence, merely a circus.  Video after the jump.  [Laughing Squid via Best Week Ever]

As long as they don’t say anything bad about breast implants. In honor of “Nip/Tuck,” a deeper look at celebrity plastic surgery.  [Getback]

Oh, so that’s why Don Draper acts irrationally. Seven of the nine writers of “Mad Men” are women.   Interesting read from the WSJ on changes in the TV industry.  [Wall Street Journal]

‘School is a battlefield… for your heart.’ That’s a line from the first few minutes of the pilot episode of “My So-Called Life,” the entirety of which is now available on Hulu.  Maybe I’m traumatized by the ’90s fashion, maybe I just hated all the girls who swooned over Jared Leto, or maybe it was the crappy melodramatic writing, but this show never did it for me.  [Hulu]

Children are our future… unless we stop them! Ten things kids can get away with that adults can’t.  Honorable mention: pointing at retards.  [Hail Mary Jane]

I Blame Shark Week. After 23 years of marriage, Tracy Morgan and his wife have filed for divorce. The two have been separated for the last eight years. [NY Daily News]

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