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“…and more press conferences during American Idol!” (img source)

Why does the Great Depression have to be so depressing? Kate Winslet is slated to star in a cable miniseries of the Depression-era novel Mildred Pierce.  Why do I get the feeling it’s not a comedy?  [EW]

Everyone else seems to be talking about this, so… Seth MacFarlane admitted in a Playboy interview that Stewie from “Family Guy” is gay.  How is this news?  That’s the basis for half of Stewie’s jokes.  [NY Daily News]

The best excuses for getting out of a speeding ticket. “I’m just really wasted and want to get home as soon as possible.”  Heh, nice one.  [Open Sports]

When fandom goes wrong. Someone liked “The Office” so much they made it into an opera.  Thankfully, we can blame the Brits for this one.  We Americans are only responsible for the Spider-Man musical.  [Guardian UK]

No words… Should have sent an engraver. Farrah Fawcett’s headstone is blank. [Adventures in Grave Hunting]

A Dozen Rainy Fight Scenes. Finally, Christian Slater’s Hard Rain gets the attention it so richly deserves.  And this is probably the only list ever made that combines Singin’ in the Rain with Unforgiven and Star Wars: Episode II. [Gunaxin]

Sweet TV, brah. This is the awesomest flatscreen TV set-up I’ve seen in a long time.  [Buzzfeed]

You may as well get caught up now. AMC has a four-minute video that will get you caught up on Season 2 of “Mad Men.”  Consider it your homework: Season 3 begins on Sunday.  [AMC]

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