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Wouldn’t a snow leopard have been better for the job? An awesome collection of winter photos. [The Big Picture via Urlesque]

45 Indelible Television Moments in 2009. The Onion’s A.V. Club always does excellent work, and it’s pretty hard to argue with this year-end list. The only glaring flaw I noted was the omission of “WWII in HD.” Dude, HITLER IN COLOR. [

Intercourse only $16.49??? Pfft, maybe in Thailand. [BuzzFeed]

Twenty-five Awesome Winter Fails. Spoiler: most of them involve ice. [Holy Taco]

OMG, we’re running out of duck phones! The duck phone, probably the most real-looking character on “Jersey Shore,” is nearly impossible to find at online retailers. [Best Week Ever]

Children’s Books That Shouldn’t Exist. There’s some genuinely creepy stuff here, like It Hurts When I Poop, Never Smile at a Monkey, and Why Is Daddy Angry? And I only made one of those up. [Unreality Mag]

The Sexiest Magazine Covers of the Year. A pretty good list, but they snubbed Olivia Wilde on GQ. And they get minus-infinity points for Tina Fey on Vanity Fair. Other than that, good work. [Asylum]

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