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Breaking news! Check out Channel 4 with the big scoop. [seanorr]

How to write a Hollywood romantic comedy in ten easy steps. Vince from FilmDrunk positively kills it in this feature on the boring, played-out cliches rolled out in every rom-com. Also, he uses the phrase “Retard Mountain,” which I appreciate. [Uproxx]

Hot mom! Julie Bowen was in Hawaii to film an episode of “Modern Family.” I like the part where she wears a bikini. [The Fab Life]

I thought Edison invented the meerkat Segway? Seven inventions stolen from the brilliant and badass Nikola Tesla. [Uproxx]

Yankee Stadium gets a college bowl game. The biggest challenge will be filling the stadium’s a**hole quota. [With Leather]

And they get away with being racist! With all its hot chicks and midgets, Spanish TV is just so much more fun than American programming. [Steel Clink Alcatraz]

Golly, I can’t wait for nine months from now! Yeah, I guess Tron Legacy looks good, but it doesn’t come out until December. I’m going to hold off on being excited about it for, oh… nine months or so. [Gamma Squad]

Yeah, pretty much. I think TVs are becoming self-aware like Skynet. But hey, at least they hate Leno, too. [bringtheruckus]

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