Listen To A Beautiful Rendition Of The ‘Too Many Cooks’ Theme Song Played On A Looping Cello

You may know Dave Chen as the host of SlashFilmCast podcast, as the co-host of one of the the most popular Game of Thrones podcasts on the Internet, A Cast of Kings, or as the producer and co-host of The Tobolowsky Files. In addition to producing podcasts and his full-time job at Microsoft, Chen is also an amazing cello player, who turned the zany Too Many Cooks theme song into a beautiful, almost haunting piece of music that even your snooty grandparents would appreciate (no offense to Dave Chen).

It’s good, and if you like it (or cello music, in particular), check out Dave Chen’s other looping cello numbers on his YouTube channel, including Hans Zimmer’s “Time” from Inception.

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