LITERALLY The Greatest: 20 Reasons Why ‘Parks And Recreation’s Pawnee Is The Ideal TV Town

For the second straight year, Parks and Recreation, which begins its sixth season tonight at 8 p.m. EST, is traveling out of Indiana, leaving behind the Hoosiers references and a still-shocking amount of Peyton Manning jerseys for cities both strange and aboard. In “Ms. Knope Goes to Washington,” the now-Mrs. Knope went to Washington, and tonight, the gang is heading to London. Minus Jerry. He left his passport inside a library book, probably.

But like the song, I left my heart in Pawnee, where the dangerous amount of high fructose corn syrup is always flowing through me. Before “London,” let’s remember why the Paris of America, Pawnee, Indiana, is the best TV town, short of Springfield and wherever Beverly Hills, 90210 took place. Milwaukee, I think.

1. The colorful characters.

2. The picturesque nature walks. (Via)

3. The gorgeous art work. (Via)

4. The healthy cuisine. (Via)

5. The local celebrities. (Via)

6. The rich music scene.

7. The unbiased news programming.

8. The honest entertainment reviews.

9. The nightlife.

10. The colorful regional politicians. (Via)

11. The world-famous strip club breakfast buffets. (Via)

12. The adoration for creatures both handicapped…

13. …and really, really small.

14. It’s the birthplace of (the) Julia Roberts (lawsuit). (Via)

15. The fabulous, welcoming gay bars.

16. The accommodating salespeople. (Via)

17. Pawnee priorities, they are in the right place. (Via)

18. The intense history of local traditions. (Via)

19. The rest of the country has quit, but Pawnee residents know Hitler is still out there. (Via)

20. It’s not Eagleton.