Kristen Stewart’s ‘Super Gay Ghost-Hunting Adventure’ Show Now Has A Spooky Trailer

Can I interest you in the “most gayest, most funnest, most titillating queer ghost-hunting show ever” narrated by Kristen Stewart? I thought so.

From the creators of Queer Eye, Hulu‘s Living for the Dead (good title) follows five queer ghost hunters, Alex Le May, Juju Bae, Ken Boggle, Logan Taylor and Roz Hernandez, as they explore spooky locations across the country. There better be an episode about a haunted baseball game in the Pacific Northwest.

“It’s so cool and enlivening that me and my best friend CJ Romero had this funny idea and now it’s a show,” Stewart, who also produced Living for the Dead, said in a statement. “It started as a bit of a hypothetical silly pipe dream and now I am so proud to have shepherded something that is as moving and meaningful as it is truly a gay old time.”

Stewart continued:

“Our cast makes me laugh and cry and they had the courage and heart to take us places I wouldn’t go by myself. And it’s a super cool maiden voyage for the company I’ve started with my partners Dylan Meyer and Maggie McLean. This is just the beginning for us and for Living for the Dead. We wanna one day have traipsed across the entire spooky ass country. Maybe the world!”

Living for the Dead premieres on Hulu on October 18th