A ‘Loki’ Star Said The Show Tried Not To ‘Overthink’ Its Big MCU Canon-Altering Reveals

(WARNING: Massive spoilers for Loki will be found below, so get the heck outta here if you still haven’t caught up on Episode 3.)


Through three episodes of Loki, we’ve learned a lot of things about time travel and the show’s titular antihero. We’re also starting to see that some of those things may not actually be what they initially seemed. But one thing that seems certain to stick is the reveal that Loki is bisexual.

In a scene where Loki and the recently-revealed Loki variant Sylvie chat while on a train, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki admits he’s encountered “a bit of both” when it comes to potential princes or princesses courting him over the years. It’s a confirmation of something fans have long suspected about the trickster god, and it caused considerable celebration last week after the episode aired.

And as one of the stars of the show detailed, the moment was certainly notable among those making the show as well. Though they tried not to “overthink” things when it came to actually getting the scene in the can. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, actress Sophia Di Martino, who plays Sylvie, said everyone understood the significance of the moment, starting with director Kate Herron.

“We knew it was an important scene and that representation was super important,” Di Martino shares. “And Kate was really hot on getting it into the show because people have been waiting such a long time for that. So we knew it was important, but we didn’t really overthink it. We sort of just approached it like we would any other scene and just enjoyed the chat. But I don’t think I realized how much engagement that scene would have and how excited and pleased people would be with it. It’s just wonderful to see how happy people are after watching that.”

That train scene turns out to be one that she read for ahead of snagging the role, which had its own complications because, at the time, Hiddleston was on stage in New York and Di Martino was pregnant in London. In the interview, she said a lot of secrecy was involved: she read the lines on camera and sent the recording to those casting the show, with the names Sylvie and Loki changed to “Bob” and “Sarah.”

The piece touches on a number of other things we’ve seen in the show’s first three episodes, including some other important reveals about the nature of the TVA and why Sylvie didn’t go back to get her crown (“she’s got more important things to do”). But it’s nice to know a moment that’s meant so much to some Marvel fans was given the weight it deserves, even if it’s ultimately just two Variants chatting on a train.

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