‘Look at That Antelope Driving a Car’

I’ve had a complete abortion of a day, thanks to Time Warner Cable’s large-scale, company-wide policy of f*cking its customers in the ass. For the last two hours, I’ve either been on hold or yelling at someone as the twitch in my eyelid became more and more pronounced. The only laugh I’ve gotten is from this commercial for Ojai Valley Taxidermy. There are so many brilliant, flatly-delivered lines here:

  • “I specialize in the most lifelike dead animals anywhere.”
  • “Look at that antelope driving a car.”
  • “Did that rhino just order a drink?”

I’ve also picked up other things on subsequent viewings, like how the animal soundboard gets used regardless of what animal is being shown (an eagle screeches while a pheasant is shown; an elephant trumpets during a cut to a rhino). This stupid commercial just saved me from having an aneurysm.

(via Sad and Useless, thanks Burnsy!)