Loonette From ‘The Big Comfy Couch’ Is A Much More Mature Looking Clown Today

This is certainly one of those things that ’90s kids will remember, especially those that did most of their early learning in front of the TV. The Big Comfy Couch was a preschool show from Canada, sort of in the vein of Sharon, Lois & Bram’s Elephant Show or Zoobilee Zoo, and it featured Loonette The Clown and her doll Molly as they sat around in the house all day — lazy — to deal with activities while sitting on The Big Comfy Couch. Basically it’s a program that’s insane enough for children and makes you wonder what you were doing as you grew up.

Well as you’ll see, Loonette grew up too. And she’s quite the interesting lady these days. Her classic look from the show is above and here is her current mug:

Pretty cool, right? Now you might think Alyson Court got her start with The Big Comfy Couch or something, but she’s actually a pretty well established voice actor. In fact, before her stint as Loonette, she was a voice on The Ewoks animated series, Carebears, Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventures, Beetlejuice, and a few others. One of the more high profile, non-clown roles was Jubilee on the X-Men animated series in the mid-90s.

When you watched the show, age never really came into play. And for someone who was well out of the age zone for the series, finding out that Loonette was like 22 and never left her house is a little weird. Court shares as much on her Twitter account, recalling the period when she was pregnant on the show:

Another interesting aspect you’ll see if you check out her social media is Court’s talents with makeup. Here you see a very mature looking Loonette in zombie form:

And then a little bit of Halloween fun:

Of course, she still seems to toss on the clown makeup from time to time and is still working. It’s not some sort of sob story where she’s on the run from fame. You can still hear her voice in many of the Resident Evil properties as Claire Redfield and in the new Inspector Gadget series on Netflix.

And there’s even some support for the local teams, like when the Blue Jays entered the playoffs and lost to the annoying Kansas City Royals. Still you can’t go wrong with this classic sweatshirt:

So that’s the whereabouts of one of these beloved children’s characters. Now we just need to find the gang from Eureka’s Castle and also track down the loveable Molly, before it is too late.

(Via Huffington Post / MTV / Alyson Court)