Lou Avery From ‘Mad Men’ Tells Olbermann About Jon Hamm Being A Huge Fan Of His From Way Back

Who knew that Allan Havey, who plays Lou Avery on Mad Men, and Keith Olbermann were BFFs? Dude is full of surprises. As Dustin recently pointed out, Havey had a late night talk show on Comedy Central long before late night talk shows on Comedy Central became a thing and was once considered as a replacement for Letterman. When introducing Havey last night, Olbermann called Havey’s Night After Night “one of the most original talk shows in television history” and praised Havey as “one of the most creative people I’ve ever known.” Havey went on to note that when he first showed up for work on the set of Mad Men that Jon Hamm recognized him and went over to tell him that he was a huge fan of his work. Havey said his knees buckled when Hamm told him that, and who could blame him?

Here’s part one in which Havey discusses playing one of TV’s most hated characters on Mad Men

And here’s part two in which Havey and Olbermann talk sports, including Havey’s story about buying a single Miami Dolphins season ticket in 1972 as a teenager…