Louis C.K. Just Dropped A Brand New Series With Steve Buscemi As A Surprise Directly To Fans

If you head over to Louis C.K.’s web site right now, you’ll be surprised by the appearance of a new series called Horace and Pete, co-starring Steve Buscemi. The comedian just sprung this on everybody it seems, skipping around all of the networks and streaming platforms to release it himself on his official site. Pretty remarkable stuff, but not too far fetched given C.K.’s past desires in breaking new ground. The comedian is currently on an extended hiatus for his FX series, Louie, and announced this premiere through a brief email to fans:

“Hi there. Horace and Pete episode one is available for download. $5. Go here to watch it. We hope you like it. Regards, Louis.”

As reported over at Gothamist, the show seems to be some sort of depression-fueled Cheers with plenty of guest stars and an interesting supporting cast. C.K. and Buscemi star as Horace and Pete respectively, with a few other famous names along the way:

Alan Alda is their grizzled, racist uncle (also named Pete), and other comedians, actors, and Louie friends such as Nick DiPaolo, Kurt Metzger, Steven Wright, Jessica Lange (as C.K.’s father’s former lover), Edie Falco (as C.K.’s sister), Rebecca Hall (as C.K.’s girlfriend), Aidy Bryant (as C.K.’s daughter) and more show up throughout the episode. It also must have been filmed in the last week or so, since the characters touch on topical hot button issues, including Donald Trump’s candidacy and Super Bowl quarterbacks. There’s also an intermission.

Wouldn’t be surprised to learn it was shot on film, uses real bar patrons, and features nothing by hypothetical laughter. I am not even sure what that is, but you have to assume Louis C.K. does and wants to utilize it. There might also be an entire episode dedicated to Bukowski, who knows?

You can check it out for yourself right now on the official site, $5 and you get the latest TV show from Louis C.K. to enjoy. What this means for Louie, only he knows. It’d be easier to refer to this as a happy detour as opposed to a new focus, but you can never be too sure.

(Via Louis C.K. / Gothamist / The Verge)