Louis CK Brings Pure Anti-Flash To His ‘SNL’ Host Tease As This Season Enters The Home Stretch

Jon Bovi launching pad Saturday Night Live is wrapping up a rather busy season of ratings boosting and Trump lampooning with five more episodes of sketchy goodness. That run kicks off this weekend with suit wearing man Louis C.K. serving as host once again. He’d rather if you’d kept the flash to a minimum, please.

As is customary in season 42, SNL hosts now get a flashy teaser full of sexy lighting and free slo-mo to remind viewers that the program still has an ever-changing host. (Or whatever the tease is for.) That’s not C.K.’s cup of tea and he doesn’t make an effort to embrace it. Instead, he wants that sh*t outta there because it’s a comedy show. It’s very Louis C.K. is what we’re getting at.

He’ll be hosting the show on Saturday with EDM argument starters The Chainsmokers. That episode will be followed with a combo of Jimmy Fallon and Harry Styles in SNL‘s first nationwide live show. That format will be kept up for May’s episodes which will have Melissa McCarthy and The Rock (cinema’s Dwayne Johnson) gracing the stage. We don’t suspect The Rock will call for limited pomp with his hosting teaser. A flamethrower? Maybe.