‘Luke Cage’ Mashes Up Bond And Blaxploitation In Its Opening Credits

Marvel’s Netflix series have many, many virtues, but they also know the value of a first impression with awesome credits sequences. Daredevil‘s dripping wax revealing buildings and heroes, Jessica Jones‘ secretive purple credits, and now we’ve got Luke Cage going Bond and Shaft on us at the same time.

We’ve heard a lot about the score of Luke Cage, from Ali Shaheed and Adrian Younge, but now that it’s over something from the show, it tells us we’re in excellent hands. Similarly, the nod to Bond, projecting images of Harlem, from the Apollo Theater to Malcolm X Boulevard, over Luke’s body as he swings a punch, both evoke an era and stand out from the other two series. Luke, after all, doesn’t need a chain to beat people up in a stairwell, although a car door can be useful.

And, of course, it has the classic yellow color fans have associated with Luke since he first opened his doors as a hero for hire. Hey, even superheroes need branding, even if Luke seems to prefer an extra large hoodie to a yellow silk shirt. The wait is thankfully over, and we’ll be able to see Luke in all his glory sending henchmen flying and doing good on the streets of Harlem tomorrow.

(via Twitter)