Luke From ‘Modern Family’ Graduated From High School At Age 13

Earlier this year, Nolan Gould — who plays the dimwitted Luke on Modern Family — went on Ellen and revealed that he is actually a genius. Like, a for real genius, with a Mensa membership and an IQ of 150 and everything. This information blew me away, because he plays a stupid character on TV and I am an idiot who has trouble separating real life from make-believe. (WHY IS OLIVER FROM THE O.C. ON VEGAS THIS MAKES ME FURIOUS.) Gould went back on Ellen this week to update her on everything, and it turns out the actor has actually finished high school already. At age 13.

“Over the summer I did a lot of studying and I took an exam and tested at high school, so I’m hopefully going to go on and do some online community college courses,” Gould told the dumbfounded host.

The last time Gould visited DeGeneres, in January 2012, the two chatted about his Mensa membership, how he likes to discuss nuclear fusion in household microwaves, and how he still only receives an allowance of $30 a week, with the rest going to his college fund. Now that the little genius is ready for college-level courses, it looks like Gould might need that money sooner than anyone thought. [Yahoo]

In a related story, one time when I was 13 I ate a bug at a junior high dance on a dare.