Amazon’s ‘LuLaRich’ Docuseries Is Being Review-Bombed By An Angry Group Of Apparent Legging Consultants

A very vocal minority of LaLaRich viewers are taking aim at how the Amazon docuseries (which released on September 10, as part of an overstuffed streaming weekend) takes aim at pyramid schemes. Yes, that’s a ridiculous sentence, so let’s back up a few feet. The four-part project from the Fyre Fraud documentarians posed the question of what happens when leggings become the hook of Multi-Level Marketing companies. Well, it ain’t good, and this LuLaRoe-focused project tells the cautionary tale of ruined lives and vast social-media circles that became embroiled in one tacky hot mess.

Amazingly enough, people do keep falling for what these alleged pyramid schemes are selling, and there’s more than one of them devoted to leggings. As CNN has reported, recruits to LuLaRoe must buy into “start-up” packages that cost between $5,000 to $100,000. It sounds very cult-worshippy, obviously, and these schemes are often interwoven with social circles, which makes things awfully awkward when the legging quality ends up being pretty awful (i.e., “declining quality, smelly leggings and bizarre prints that were phallic or yonic in nature.”)

Before the real trouble began, the company’s scheme netted $1.3 billion in sales in 2016, which was followed by a mass exodus of recruits, and even more trouble arrived with the Washington state attorney general brought a successful lawsuit against the company. Meanwhile, friction must have run rampant because the top consultants (those who brought in upwards of $50,000 per month off poor-quality leggings) were probably salty about losing their recruits, who were destined to make close to zero money, due to being at the bottom of the pyramid.

That’s how those things work! And overwhelmingly, the Amazon viewers seem to appreciate the takedown with almost overwhelmingly (over 90%) five-star reviews. There’s a very vocal minority (6%) of one-star reviews, and something ain’t right.

Via Amazon Prime

As it turns out, these reviews appear to be coming from very avid (and successful) LuLaRoe consultants. Here are a few examples:

– “[W]ell bless your heart! I for one have NEVER felt the pressure to build a team, I just got back from Mexico which I earned 100% based on MY SALES… I make money ever single month without a team! Hey you.. if you are reading this you are enough!”

– “This is laughable Trash.. as in any self employed business, you get what you make of it. Hard work pays off and those Retailers that maybe didn’t run their businesses successfully are lashing out and bringing the negative onto those that have stuck it out through the kinks of a new highly successful business model that is now thriving and amazing.”

– “Just a bunch of people who can’t manage $ complaining about how their business failed. Laughable, really.”

– “A Bunch of disgruntled ex-retailers not taking accountability for their actions and blaming their failures on others. If something is not for you.. fine move on.. but no need to bash everyone else that figured out how to successfully run their businesses
While being incredibly generous to others.”

The “bless your heart!” is a telling touch. Judge for yourself by watching LuLaRich, which is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.