Machine Gun Kelly Accidentally Throwing Pete Davidson Off The Stage Was The Highlight Of ‘SNL’

Pete Davidson started the first episode of Saturday Night Live in 2021 by kissing John Krasinski during his opening monologue, and he ended that same episode getting throw off stage.
Machine Gun Kelly preformed a pair of songs on SNL but he saved his best move on stage for the closing credits of the show. The closing credits are a time for celebration, or maybe sending a message to the audience in the few moments before the show’s cast and crew get a moment of recognition in the credits. But sometimes weird things go down, like a member of the cast getting picked up and maybe that not going very well.

That was the case on Saturday, as Kelly abruptly picked up Davidson in an attempt to, well, that’s unclear. But the move didn’t go well: Kelly lost his balance almost immediately and fell backward, throwing Davidson right off the SNL stage.

Kelly had started the credit roll by doing an elaborate set of handshakes with members of his band and episode host John Krasinski, but he then set his sights on Davidson to disastrous results. It’s even funnier that the whole thing went horribly wrong right as Lorne Michaels’ name popped up.


People certainly took notice of the spill on social media. Even the SNL Stats Twitter account got in on the act.

Hopefully the pair are OK, but it will certainly go down as one of the weirder post-credit moments for the show. And judging by the reaction from others who watched it happen on stage, it won’t be forgotten anytime soon.