Timothée Chalamet’s Hoodie On ‘SNL’ May Have Been A Sign Of Support For ‘Dune’ In Its HBO Max Battle

The closing credits of Saturday Night Live are often a grab bag of hidden meanings and thank yous from the show’s host. Last week, for example, a farewell from 15-yearsold Jason Bateman-hosted episode served as monologue material when Bateman hosted again and recalled an encounter he had with a dangerous primate as credits rolled.

Timothée Chalamet had a much less eventful time hosting on Saturday, though he did have some animal interactions of his own. But it was his final moments on the show that were of particular interest to those in the entertainment industry, especially what he wore on camera as he said goodbye for the night.

Unlike on most episodes, Chalamet was given a few extended moments to say some words to those watching. He said he didn’t have anything prepared, and opted to ad lib a call for kindness from others.

“We’ve all been through a crazy year…we could do a little bit of kindness,” Chalamet said. “Every bit of kindness counts.”

What most people noticed, though, was what he wore when he came back out to end the show. Namely, a Legendary hoodie. As Deadline pointed out, Legendary is the production company behind Dune, the same one which is weighing a lawsuit against Warner Bros. in response to the company announcing that all of its films slated for a 2021 release in theaters will also do the same on HBO Max.

Most who noticed the clothing choice thought it was a clear sign of support for Legendary and Dune director Denis Villeneuve, who wrote a scorching op-ed against the Warners move that drew support from others in Hollywood. And others noticed that Chalamet seems to have worn a Dune t-shirt under the red jacket he also wore during his monologue.

Considering that it’s likely his hosting gig would have been tied to his Dune promotional work in a more coronavirus-free world, it makes sense that he would show his support for the project despite it getting pushed into the 2021 window that will land it on HBO Max next year.

It’s not exactly the same level of support others like Jason Momoa have done, as it’s merely wearing a hoodie and not giving a verbal statement of support like others have done. But even SNL knows how much Chalamet likes his hoodies, so maybe that should be considered here as well.