OK, Seriously, Who The F*ck Is Bob Benson?

Dustin has spent the week obsessing over the significance of Room 503 and the show as a whole, but ever since this past Sunday’s episode my Mad Men curiosity has been solely focused on one thing: Who the f*ck is Bob Benson? Seriously. Now I really want to know. This Twitter profile is pretty good, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Matt Weiner has expertly built intrigue over the first half of the season, inserting that grinning, gradually loveable kissass at just the right moments to make it impossible for even the most obtuse observer to avoid asking: Seriously, what’s his deal?

Theories abound. I’m sure many of you have your own. My personal hypothesis is that Weiner was a huge Lone Star fan and is just f*cking with everyone to his own amusement. There will be no payoff. This theory sucks. And I’m sure all of yours are better. So let’s put it to a poll and a discussion on a slow Friday afternoon, shall we? Maybe we can will ourselves to a resolution Sunday night.

Thank you for your participation. Have a coffee.

Images via Mr. Bob Benson Tumblr