‘Mad Men’ Will Return In April With A ‘Two-Hour Film’

Up to this point, the only things we knew about the upcoming season of Mad Men are that Don and Megan will wear skimpy bathing suits, and read copies of The Inferno, while in Hawaii, and that babies dressed like Mr. Draper is pretty much the greatest thing ever, despite not actually having anything to do with season six. I just wanted to mention the photo again. But now, via the Los Angeles Times, we know when the AMC series will return.

April may be a little less cruel this year for Mad Men fans as the highly acclaimed period drama is set to return for its sixth season Sunday, April 7.

Creator and executive producer Matt Weiner made the announcement to a handful of journalists Tuesday afternoon with the information embargoed until Wednesday morning.

Fans looking for hints about where the AMC show’s penultimate 13 episodes may be headed will be disappointed, however. Weiner, who said he was in the middle of writing this season’s eighth episode, was characteristically tight-lipped about details.

“I’m not really prepared to talk about the new season specifically right now,” he said. “The show will be advancing in time. I can’t say how much. It will be more than a week.” (Via)

The season will begin with a “two-hour film,” similar to last’s year “A Little Kiss.” Problem is, how does one top Megan sexy singing a sexy French song? Well, and I’m just spitballing here, I don’t think fans would object to the show fastforwarding a bit, not to Woodstock 1969 but to Woodstock 1999, when Don, long divorced from Megan, and his now-wife Trudy hear Jamiroquai for the first time. The camera slowly zooms onto Don’s face, he nods, and says, “Now I get it.” *fade to bla—* Oh, and, Pete was smushed by a garbage truck in 1981. *fade to black*

(Via Los Angeles Times)