Here’s Everything Matthew Weiner Wanted To Cover Before ‘Mad Men’ Ended

The Mad Men finale gave (almost) everyone their happy ending.

Pete is living happily with Alison Brie. Joan is the proud owner of Holloway Harris. Roger is speaking French in a Paris café with Marie. Peggy has burrowed into Stan’s beard. Betty is, um, not dead yet? And Don proved an UPROXX theory correct, the first time that’s ever happened.

But what about Sal? He’s one character Matthew Weiner wanted to “deal with” (not in The Sopranos sense) before the end of Mad Men, as shown on a note displayed during a Writers Guild Foundation Q&A. But there wasn’t enough time for him, or the Israeli tourism board.

I’m assuming one of the crossed-off items reads, “Pete — bear attack?”

(Via Twitter)