A New Report From The Set Reveals Potentially Major ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Six Spoilers

Spoilersssssssss, you’ve been warned, etc., etc.

Our source for all things Game of Thrones spoilery, Watchers on the Wall is reporting that local sources caught wind of a scene being filmed at the Northern Ireland location of the Winterfell set this week. And while there’s not a tremendous amount to go by, just the four characters involved in the scene alone tell us a lot about the upcoming season.

According to WotW‘s sources, a scene was rehearsed and is being filmed this week involving Sansa, Jon Snow, Ramsay and Littlefinger. The characters are interacting in Winterfell’s courtyard, and there’s a great deal of tension…

And then a giant turns up at the gates! The giant tries to force its way in and the people inside have to fight it off.

It’s unclear if the giant in question is Wun Wun or some other random giant, but I hope someone feeds it Ramsay. At any rate, this scene tells us a few very important things. First and foremost, it appears to confirm the worst kept secret in the history of secrets: that Jon Snow is not, in fact, dead. And not only is he not dead, but he is apparently either exiled or on the run from the bleak hell of The Wall, which makes sense because those dudes “killed” him.

Secondly, this means that somehow, Sansa is returned to Ramsay, which means that ugggghhhhhhhh, apparently, we have not seen the end of that character’s endless suffering and torture. So, there’s something to look forward to in season six, whenever it is that it returns.

(Watchers on the Wall via BroBible)

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