Making The Case For Why ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s’ Melissa Fumero Should Be The Internet’s New Favorite Crush

After Alison Brie, after Jennifer Lawrence, and after Anna Kendrick, it feels like 2014 is time for another new Internet crush, someone else that’s impossibly adorable with whom we can hopelessly concentrate our fixations. I submit to you: Melissa Fumero, who plays Detective Amy Santiago on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Why Fumero?

Like Alison Brie in Community and Anna Kendrick in Rocket Science (seriously, one of the best coming-of-age movies of the last decade), Fumero plays a straight-laced character. She’s basically Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins combined, which — in a way — keeps hidden how adorable, attractive, and sexy she is. But she also has other traits that bolster her candidacy for being the next big crush: She’s on a beloved, but low-rated sitcom; she doesn’t have a long CV before Nine-Nine; and she’s ridiculously cute, but not in an overdone way.

But here’s a few more things I’ve learned about her from RESEARCH (i.e., scanning her Twitter account): she loves dogs; she’s a huge fan of Breaking Bad and Homeland; she completely adores her co-workers; she’s very close with her family; she loves The Princess Bride; she loves New York pizza; she’s got a crush on co-star Andre Braugher; she’s effusive and unpretentious; and she used to be a dance teacher. She’s good people, the kind of Internet crush you can bring home to Mom.

But sometimes, the visual evidence is all you really need. Here’s a selection of photos of Melissa Fumero (and various members of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast), all taken from her Twitter account, her Instagram account, and the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Facebook page. These should seal the deal. (I have also left of most pics of her with her husband, so as to not ruin the illusion).

Sources: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook