The ‘Making A Murderer’ Prosecutor Says He’s Receiving Thousands Of Death Threats

Netflix’s Making a Murderer continues to captivate new recruits to the docuseries. Someone who is still not a fan of the project? Nancy Grace. The former prosecutor of doom spent a great deal of last week visiting other people’s talk shows to discuss her own interview with Steven Avery in 2005. That talk was conducted while Avery was under investigation for allegedly murdering Teresa Halbach, and Grace didn’t buy Avery’s claims of a setup. She also said the Netflix viewers performed a “miscarriage of justice.” Grace finds no issue with how Avery’s lack of education led him to allow law enforcement searches without an attorney present.

Grace hasn’t changed her mind after watching the Netflix series. She firmly believes the convictions shouldn’t be overturned, and she sides with prosecutor Ken Kratz on all matters. Grace sat down with Kratz on her HLN show, and they spoke about the thousands of death threats that have allegedly spilled into Kratz’s life. Kratz says several emails have threatened to hurt his family and rape his daughter.

All of this is very serious despite Grace’s treatment of events associated with Making a Murderer, but then Kratz reveals how a “glitter bomb” caused “significant damage” to equipment in his office. After hearing of the glitter bomb, Grace was truly outraged at Netflix after they “stirred this up.” Grace wanted to know, “Is Netflix going to make a documentary about this?”

(Via Nancy Grace on HLN)