Frankie Muniz Is ‘Gaging Interest’ For A ‘Malcolm In The Middle’ Sequel Series

Malcolm in the Middle, the Fox sitcom created by Adam from Little House on the Prairie and starring a professional race-car driver, is best known these days as The Show That Gave Us Walter White Roller Skating to Queen. That’s not inaccurate, but the rest of the series was pretty great, too. Especially in the early seasons, when oldest brother Francis was enrolled in military school. Ratings plummeted by its seventh (!) and final season, but Malcolm won multiple Emmys (including two for the influential “Bowling”) and even took home a Peabody Award, for “going far beyond the formulaic constraints of most contemporary American sitcoms.”

Considering the current reboot culture we’ve living in/tolerating, it’s fair to wonder which 2000s TV show will be brought back next. Frankie Muniz (and his bank account) is hoping it’s Malcolm.

We’ll bite. Getting all the kids back would be the easy part — Justin Berfield (Reese), Erik Per Sullivan (Dewey), Christopher Masterson (Francis), and Muniz haven’t done much acting since Malcolm went off the air, although Berfield’s the co-founder of Virgin Produced. As for Cranston? Well, he’s been a bit busy, but so has Jane Kaczmarek, who’s seemingly appeared on every TV show ever, usually as a stern mom or judge, including The Simpsons and Playing House.

When asked, “Any consideration to do this reboot for real?” on Twitter, Muniz replied, “Just gaging interest… we’ll see.” He’s probably wondering if anyone will make 2 Dog 2 Skip first.