There’s A New World Record For Longest TV Binge-Watching Marathon

In “things you already do without any of the fanfare” news, a 25-year-old Brooklyn man set the world record for the longest TV binge-watching session. Alejandro “AJ” Fragoso sat in front of a screen for an impressive 94 hours, stopping only to eat and go to the bathroom (one hopes). According to Variety, he watched episodes of Game of Thrones, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Battlestar Galactica, Twilight Zone, Bob’s Burgers, and Adventure Time. It’s a nice mix of heavy dramas and animated comedies, and luckily no The Big Bang Theory. Fragoso would have bowed out after 22 minutes.

After his epic binge, Fragoso had an elevated heart rate and suffered neurological side effects, including an increased frequency of involuntary open-eyed micronaps and acute hallucinations, according to [CyberLink, a multimedia software company]. Fragoso credited his Mediterranean diet and frequent standing and stretching as helping him fight fatigue and keep his blood sugar stable. (Via)

To put 94 hours into context: That’s the entirety of Breaking Bad, plus 64 episodes of The Simpsons. With commercials. “Throughout this process,” Fragoso said, “I learned that binge-watching TV for abnormally long durations can actually be quite physically taxing.” It’s also making us miserable, although not as depressed as the previous record-holder; 92 hours? That’s only all of Breaking Bad, plus 60 episodes of The Simpsons.

Piece of cake.

(Via Variety)