‘Manifest’ Will Get A Fourth And Final Season On Netflix, And There Has Been Much Rejoicing

Back in June, fans of the NBC show Manifest were dealt quite the blow: The show had been cancelled after three seasons. That left things hanging, the story not yet resolved. The hope was someone else would swoop in and either save it or grant it a fitting farewell. And some two months later, that’s exactly what happened.

As per Variety, the supernatural show will get a fourth and final season, a whopping 20 episodes long, thanks to Netflix. (That’s longer than any previous season. The first ran 16 episodes while the remaining two clocked in at “only” 13.) It is not clear if all 20 episodes — presumably some 20 hours, maybe more — will be dropped all at once, as is the Netflix way, or if they’ll space it out in some fashion, à la Hulu, Disney+, and HBO Max.

Manifest began with a simple premise: Passengers aboard a flight from Jamaica to New York experience a bit of turbulence, and when they land they discover five and a half years have passed. What’s more, they have the ability to glimpse events in the future.

When the news of the return broke, those who had campaigned to save it — fans of the show, as well as cast members — were beyond words.

(Via Variety)