So, ‘Manifest’ Could Be Resurrected From The Dead (By Netflix Or NBC) After All?

Manifest — an objectively bad show about all the drama that surfaces after a flight falls off the radar and surfaces five years later like nothing happened — keeps giving its fans a confusing ride. First, NBC cancelled the sci-fi drama after three messy seasons, and not only that, but the news arrived while the show vaulted to the #1 slot on Netflix’s most popular list. Then Netflix decided, nope, they’re not gonna make a fourth season of the show, even though fans have been hell-bent upon saving the apparently doomed series.

Well, creator Jeff Rake, who says that he’s plotted out a full-on, six-season run, kept urging viewers to stay strong in their fight, even if it seemed like things would go absolutely nowhere. Unless? Maybe those stunning figures from Nielsen are working some magic. Deadline’s Nellie Andreeva now reports that both NBC and Netflix are having second thoughts, so a resurrection might be a go:

The conversations are happening as Manifest Season 1 and Season 2 viewership continues to surge on Netflix in the U.S. and the #SaveManifest fan campaign remains strong. Reps for Warner Bros TV, Netflix and NBC declined comment… Meanwhile, I hear Netflix has restarted talks after passing on the show in June as Manifest has been showing great resilience, remaining in the daily top 10 for more than a month and topping the Nielsen streaming ratings in its first week of release on the platform.

So, what happened? NBC’s felt a few gut punches over the past week, including Good Girls Season 5 falling through (when deals with the cast didn’t come together) and the decision not to proceed with another Law and Order spinoff, For The Defense. Don’t worry, SVU and Organized Crime are sticking around! However, NBC is now (reportedly) in an awkward position, where one can envision a bidding war in order to bring back the show that they cancelled. That’s pretty damn wild, considering all the cards that Netflix seems to hold already.

(Via Deadline)