‘Manifest’ Creator Jeff Rake Teased That The Season 4 Finale Will Be The Show’s ‘Most Ambitious Episode’ Ever

Manifest isn’t a show that has to make sense, and that’s a good thing because when a character touches an airplane part and instantaneously ages several years, logic isn’t part of the equation. Still, there’s a method to creator Jeff Rake’s madness, and he’s got two fewer seasons than he’d hoped to bring Flight 828 in for a final landing. This development followed an NBC cancellation before Netflix picked up the streaming ball and ran with it.

That led to Netflix renewing the semi-sci-fi series for a (final) fourth, supersized season, and Part 1 ended with Zeke’s death, so expect Michaela Stone to be reeling with the story picks up. At the same time, the series will continue parcelling out information about callings and shadowy government forces, all while the show’s Death Date (in the story, at least) remains June 2, 2024. Part 2 will arrive a year before that date, on June 2, 2023, and to get the audience primed, Rake told Entertainment Weekly that the series finale is complete, and it is an ambitious doozy:

“That finale that’s coming up, [episode] 420, that’s hands down the most ambitious episode we have ever shot,” Rake tells EW in April with the entire finale already shot and edited. “I don’t want to oversell, but I think you’ll agree when you see it that that even surpasses what you saw in 410 — and you’ll probably say ‘by a long shot.'”

EW also reminds viewers of how Rake previously confirmed that Zeke is definitely dead despite previously surviving his own death-date odds, but Rake did not close the door on some sort of face time from actor Matt Long. In dropping this hint, Rake seems to suggest flashbacks or maybe something ghostly, but actress Melissa Roxburgh recently told EW that Michaela “kind of shuts down,” and “[s]he’s fried” while also distracting herself with solving the whole mystery of Flight 828.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)