Marilyn Manson Will Join ‘American Gods’ As The Lead Singer Of A Viking Metal Band Called ‘Blood Death’

Between The New Pope and The Stand, rocker Marilyn Manson is keeping busy with the acting gigs this year. And judging by a new report about his involvement in yet another television program, it seems the acting bug won’t stop biting him anytime soon.

According to Deadline, Manson will be taking on a minor, though significant, role in the upcoming third season of Starz’s American Gods. The television adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s classic fantasy novel has survived some rocky terrain so far, and while its second season wasn’t nearly as good as its first, Starz still saw fit to renew it. Hence Manson’s casting, which will see him playing “Johan Wengren, lead singer of the Viking death metal band Blood Death.”

On the one hand, you’re probably thinking that casting a rock star in the part of a rock star isn’t too much of a stretch. But there’s a catch, for as Deadline notes, “Wengren and Blood Death are also a source of power for the Ian McShane-portrayed Mr. Wednesday in his war with the New Gods.” American Gods viewers will know that McShane’s Mr. Wednesday is actually the Norse god Odin, so it would make sense that the fledgling and aged diety would rely on a Viking metal band and its singer for sustenance.

Isn’t peak TV fun? American Gods season three is expected to drop sometime in 2020 or 2021.

(Via Deadline)