Donald Trump Tries (And Fails) To Lawyer Up For His Many Legal Challenges On ‘The President Show’

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With each new day of the painstakingly slow Donald Trump presidency, America’s chief executive and his lawyers find new ways to further complicate the many legal grievances the former currently faces. So it comes as no surprise that Anthony Atamanuik, the man behind the barely-there hair and orange makeup on Comedy Central’s The President Show, will finally tackle the real president’s largely self-inflicted juridical conundrums on the next episode. Trump already possesses a personal lawyer, Jay Sekulow, who has already become well known on the news talk show circuit, but what about celebrity lawyers like Ron Kuby?

That the former Celebrity Apprentice host turned politician would potentially hire someone like American civil rights advocate Gloria Allred or Fox News regular Alan Dershowitz makes complete sense. Hence, why Atamanuik’s Trump invited them onto President Show for a few questions and comments — mostly made by himself — in the “Lawyering Up” clip above. Things like, “I’ve had pink eye for 47 years,” “I want to hunt and eat a male ballerina,” and “I think about Jeff Sessions in a bikini all the time.”

Each bit is more ridiculous than the next, and despite their being in on the joke, Ruby, Allred, and Dershowitz’s reactions are priceless. This is especially true for Allred, who made headlines during and after the 2016 presidential election for representing Trump accusers Jessica Drake and Summer Zervos. “I don’t think you remember me,” she quips. “I have a lawsuit against you!” The full segment airs Thursday at 11:30pm ET/PT on Comedy Central.