Mark Hamill Creates The Most Menacing Voice Mail Greeting In History As The Joker

08.10.16 3 years ago 4 Comments

DC Comics co-publisher and comic art legend Jim Lee recently shared a treat with the internet. It’s nothing new to have famous people step in to record your voice mail greeting, Jason Alexander did Kat Dennings a solid by re-creating his Constanza answering machine message on her voice mail, but Lee may have one that’s a bit better. The DC Comics head managed to get Mark Hamill to record his outgoing message in character as The Joker. And not Heath Ledger’s Joker or Jared Leto’s completely twisted Joker from Suicide Squad, but THE Joker from Batman The Animated Series. Or just The Joker.

It’s got the laugh, a little bit of humor, and a pretty morbid twist to the end involving being bound and gagged over a vat of acid. One can never understand why all these supervillains are just sitting around with vats of acid, but I can’t disapprove of it. A vat of boiling acid or some sort of medieval pendulum is something you can never have enough of in your evil plots.

One minor complaint, though. The message is a bit long. I’d hate to call that and have to wait through it to leave a message each time. It’s much better to just pick music like a normal person. Molly Hatchet has a time and a place in my phone messages.

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