Marky Mark Totally Has David Letterman’s Back, So You Best Watch If You Got Beef

I think Mark Wahlberg agreeing to star in Trasn4mers is probably the perfect Mark Wahlberg role. It represents heroics of the dumb stupid variety and a chance to flex his acting chops as a father figure dealing with family drama. The only thing missing is the scene where he compares d*cks with Optimus Prime while pumping up for battle in the mirror.

I won’t be finding out how that turns out of course, but he’s the Transformers guy now and that means he’s on the media circuit to promote Michael Bay’s newest picture. And it’s typical that filming a movie in Hong Kong makes Mark Wahlberg an expert in the place. So much of an expert that he’s willing to go and protect David Letterman from possible decapitation.

He’s the sort of friend that will go out drinking with ya on a Tuesday cause your girl Sandy is a whoaah. The kinda guy that will confront a gunman in a crowded bank and reason with them before sweep kicking and catching their falling gun in mid-air to hold him down. He’s good stuff, but I’m still not seeing the new Transformers.

(Via The Late Show)