Massive ’24’ Spoiler, Maybe

05.20.10 8 years ago 25 Comments

Today, Greg Ausiello dropped the last spoken line of the last episode of the last season of 24, which airs May 24. He bleeped out all but one letter, but I’m pretty sure I have it figured out anyway.

Fake spoiler: the last line is spoken by Jack. “You’re not so bad, Brother Mouzone. Let’s get in an old Chevy, drive from town to town, brandish lead pipes, and give the business to rural townsfolk for the next few years. I got some bubble gum. Would you like some of my bubble gum?”

Real spoiler, or at least what I’m pretty sure is a real spoiler, is after the jump.This is what Ausiello had to say:

Question: This is it. The clock is winding down. The final silent ticks. Your last 24 spoiler. Damn it, Michael! Tell me something! Ryan

Ausiello: The final line of the series is **** ** *o**.

” **** ** *o**.” Four-letter word, two-letter word, four-letter word with “o” as the second character. It’s clearly “Jack is gone.” I’m guessing the line is delivered by someone attempting to console Chloe, who believes he died in a massive explosion or something. He didn’t, of course, because of the “24” movie that may or may not actually happen.

Or maybe they know there won’t be a 24 movie, and are perpetuating the idea because they want to deliver one last giant swerve? Or maybe the last line is delivered by us, the viewers: “BOOO [hacking cough] OO [spittle] OOOO.” Probably that.

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