Jimmy Kimmel Continues His Feud With Matt Damon And His Questionable Love Of Broadway

Idina Menzel stopped by Kimmel on Wednesday to discuss her new album, but the big highlight came during the discussion of her Broadway career. During her run with Wicked, she always met with some famous backstage — including Kimmel himself — but there was one in particular that stuck out: Kimmel’s rival Matt Damon. He teased a possible visit backstage plenty of times but was lukewarm when it finally came to fruition.

This forced Kimmel to send a camera backstage to Damon’s permanent dressing room and get to the bottom of it. Menzel thought that Damon hated Wicked, which is understandable as someone who is not a fan of the musical. That has nothing to do with Menzel, of course, but you can’t say the same for Damon in this situation. He probably has a deep hatred for the Frozen star and Kimmel knows it. That’s why he cuts back to Damon’s backstage dungeon dressing room to get the answer.

It’s a nice moment, but this fake feud really hits on all the absurd cylinders at this point. Who would’ve known that a passing reference to Matt Damon at the end of every episode would spawn one of late night’s longest running gags? I also like that Damon’s dressing room is full of anti-Kimmel stuff while also being backstage at Kimmel’s show. If someone tried to take over my show and tied me up, I don’t know if I would allow them on the set, much less decorate it like a frat house basement.

The only thing missing is Ben Affleck sleeping on the couch.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)