Matt Damon And Jimmy Kimmel Attempt To Work Out Their Rivalry In Couples Counseling

Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel have had a storied feud up to this point, with Kimmel making Damon the butt of jokes and torment for years. Damon got himself a little revenge two years ago, but Kimmel hasn’t stopped his offensive and even made Damon look foolish in front of the entire cast of The Monuments Men. That was rough.

To fix things, Kimmel and Damon went to couples counseling and let their feelings fly. Kimmel even said he might let Damon on the show, which he took seriously and appeared in full makeup as Dr. Phil (complete with a Dr. Phil impression that would rival any you’ve heard in the past). This doesn’t go well, leading Kimmel to air the entire therapy session on the air.

It’s not the embarrassing moment you’d think and the rivals even hug it out a bit, but that soon turns into a bit of a fight that spills out into the hallway. That said, Matt Damon looks great in a bald cap and fake mustache. He should do that more often.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)