Matt Lauer To Bob Costas On The ‘Today Show’: Will You Be Taking The Red Eye Back To The U.S.?

02.21.14 3 Comments
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By now it’s probably no secret that back-stabbing morning TV weasel Matt Lauer gave Bob Costas pink eye, thereby forcing Costas to the sidelines so that he could fill in as primetime host of the games on NBC. This is, after all, the same man who smiled into the cameras at America as he quietly nudged Ann Curry into a cauldron of acid. Matt Lauer is an angel of Satan, folks. No one denies this.

So it should come as no surprise that Lauer managed to plunge yet another dagger deep into Costas’ heart on live television this morning.

“Are you taking the red eye home?”, said Lauer with the smugly confidence of a man talking to someone whose wife he’d already stolen.

To his credit, Costas laughed it off, but you know he’s crying his poor little red eyes out somewhere in Sochi. Matt Lauer is such a dick.

(Via Josh Keown)

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