Watch ‘House Of The Dragon’ Star Matt Smith Provide The ‘Classiest Weather Forecast’ The ‘Today Show’ Has Ever Had

After a brief chat about House of the Dragon and The Crown on the Today Show couch, icon of icons Al Roker invited Matt Smith to come do the weather with him. What resulted is something both quaint, sweet, and deeply bizarre. The questions abound.

First, did Smith think Roker’s last name was Rocker? Because that’s actually pretty cool.

Second of all, why was Smith dressed like Matthew McConaughey’s younger cousin?

And why did Smith ask if the screen behind him, a thing he could see, was one of the types of screens that he could see? And why was Roker so hyped up about Smith reading the words off the screen? Why did he scream in Smith’s face that it was “the classiest weather forecast we have ever had!”? And why did Smith joke that people can’t drive in the rain in Los Angeles after pointing to a thunderstorm in Idaho?

The answer to the last one is obvious: it’s the same reason that we’d joke about people in Brighton & Hove struggling to drive in the sun after pointing to a giant cartoon sun hanging over Canterbury.

Roker’s excitement, on the other hand, has to be from a deeply genuine place. That kind of giddy energy can only come from a Matt Smith fanboy. Is Roker a Whovian, a Crownhead, or both? Tragically, this goofy Today Show gag offers more maddening questions than answers.

(via People)