Matthew Perry Stopped A ‘Friends’ Plot That Would Have Made Fans Of The Show Very Angry

Years ago, The Office star John Krasinski revealed that he refused to shoot a scene where Jim cheated on Pam. The same thing happened over a decade prior on another wildly-popular NBC sitcom when Matthew Perry spoke up about his misgivings over an adultery angle involving Chandler and Monica on Friends.

Lisa Cash played a flight attendant in the season five episode of Friends, “The One in Vegas: Part 1,” but her role was originally much bigger. The actress revealed to TMZ that she was supposed to play a hotel staffer who sleeps with Chandler after he has a fight with Monica.

“I was told that [Perry] went to the writers and said the audience will never forgive him for cheating on Monica, which he was probably right,” Cash said. “That would have changed possibly the course of the show and his character.” She added that the original storyline “could have been kind of a game-changer” for her career, but considering the vile way that The Office fans still treat the actress who played Cathy, maybe it’s for the best.

Cash called Perry, who passed away last month at 54 years old, “likable and welcoming and made me feel at ease… I had fun doing the scene with him.” You can watch her brief appearance on Friends here.

(Via TMZ)