Matthew Perry Stokes The Excitement Of The Reunion By Acing The ‘Friends’ Apartment Quiz

Matthew Perry Phoenix House
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Yes, the Friends reunion that was never really a Friends reunion is not actually going to end up being Friends reunion. Since it is actually a James Burrows tribute show that was simply involving the main cast of the show that’s not too surprising. Matthew Perry is the odd man out this time, as he is currently in London rehearsing his new play. Even with his absence, he will still be contributing in some way though, which means he is going to be asked questions about the appearance until the day it arrives. Such is life as an alum of one of the most popular sitcoms of all times though.

The latest discussion of his Friends’ past came during his appearance on The Graham Norton Show this week alongside Miriam Margolyes and Gemma Arterton.  Graham, in his cheeky glory, ran Perry through a Friends apartment quiz and unsurprisingly Perry aced it.

Who could forget Chandler’s fear of Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance?

Perry also related a story about the time he was drunk with M. Night Shyamalan, which to be honest is a lot cooler than any cast reunion could be. Can you imagine being drunk with Shyamalan? How many puns about botched endings and jump scares would you accidentally on purpose make throughout the night?

Of course, a normal person would probably have the same luck as Perry and end up partying with a random Indian man who is not actually M. Night Shyamalan. Here’s an idea though, can Perry’s contribution to the Friends reunion just be him telling stories about random drunk nights of his past? Now that would be a special to tune in for.

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